OWS livestream HQ, Former Surreal Estate, evicted by NYPD

January 3, 2012

One of the longest lasting recent counterculutral centers in Brooklyn is potentially no more today, as NYPD forced their way into the building and arrested anyone defying the vacate order. More info from Superchief:

The Global Revolution collective have been covering Occupy Wall Street via live stream since the beginning. Originally based in Zuccotti Park, their base of operations have traveled as the Occupy movement’s locations have changed. Most recently, their base of operations was established in Bushwick, Brooklyn at 15-1 Thames Street.

4:11PM Update:A resident has confirmed 5 arrested, one of whom is Vlad of the livestream. He also claims that police damaged camera equipment upon entering the building last night.

Last night around 8 PM police and fire marshals showed up, entered the space without a warrant and notified the residents that they would be evicted today. Today around 3 PM, 13-1 Thames, half of the split-residence first floor of the building was evicted and sealed. Police warned that they “may return” later today to evict 15-1, the Occupy HQ.

Residents are reporting to Superchief that they suspect the order to vacate is a targeted attack – likely towards a Global Rev organizer Vlad, and his 4-month pregnant wife. They report that they were able to remove an 800 pound server containing their video archives and their important documents last night.

Police did not specifically issue an order to vacate last night. Rather, they are enforcing a year-old order to vacate – which may or may not be selectively enforced now based on the Occupy presence in the space.

Residents of 13-1 are requesting people to come out and support them against eviction right now and tonight.

Surreal Estate was also raided in 2010 days before the annual Anarchist Book Fair. Updates to follow.

One Response to “OWS livestream HQ, Former Surreal Estate, evicted by NYPD”

  1. Elaine said

    There are number of information that are incorrect. Also number of important facts that need to be said…one of them being that the landlord had been a huge problem for the residents.

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