Blake Schwarzenbach’s Catastrophe

July 11, 2011

A nonsensical flowchart referring to this year's Gaza Flotilla seems straight out of A Beautiful Mind

Heads up for fellow fans of legendary punk vocalist (Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil, Thorns of Life, and most recently, forgetters)/literature professor/hermit Blake Schwarzenbach: he may be becoming rapidly unhinged and he’s sharing his manic outsider art with the internet. His new blog, Blake’s 1967 Catastrophe features dioramas, illustrations, notebook pages, photographs, and strange tracts roughly centered around events in US naval foreign policy (Osama bin Laden‘s water burial receives the most attention.)

An obsession with militarized ships, drones, imperialism, mixed media, and mixed messages.

Recently, in Slovenia, while hallucinating in a hotel room and trying to draw a church at dawn, I wrote what I think is the closest to a formal artistic statement as I am ever likely to produce:

The only role of art in my life is to try to reproduce an image — or a feeling — that suggested ‘aliveness.’ So — to briefly find oneself overwhelmed with visual satisfaction — a view, a field, a goat, some humans, building, trestle, mountain, stream. It is a postcard to yourself saying, “Don’t jump. It’s horrible but it gets worse.”

While Schwarzenbach’s friends and devotees have been voicing some concern on Facebook, I’m really enjoying this new artistic face of the man behind some of the greatest music I’ve ever heard (2009’s short-lived and releaseless Thorns of Life included). Hope you’re doing well Blake and keep up the weird/cool shit!

2 Responses to “Blake Schwarzenbach’s Catastrophe”

  1. xkeightyx said

    i know. Right. love would amount to so much less, and be all the less a success without blake[s] & contribution[s] xo

  2. xkeightyx said

    im beyond f*cking serious-ness. u dont need to post this one… i am just writing u here [cannot figure any other where]
    to let u know-

    i really REALLY
    fucking incredi-Mean…[mean] what i said.

    he practically quoted me about being left here so fucking HUNGRY. maybe to him [& perhaps even u] its all weirdness.

    but i wrote his ass on FB and= asked if hes written anything [a book] even a pseudo-name u know? and there was silence.
    & still, im able to ease a bit of this goddamned HUNGER
    here. maybe wordpress will prove like lightning, the bigger of all challenges to this life, s’time 4 a JAWBREAKER REUNION dontchyou think [too[?

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