New Dead Kennedys song: MP3 Get off the Web

March 22, 2011

“The world’s greediest Karaoke band” (according to Jello Biafra) debuted two new songs in October–You’re Such a Fake and Area 51. This band is worse than most high school punk bands who cover the Dead Kennedys, so needless to say these songs are garbage, but nothing compares to their revamped version of the amazing MTV Get Off the Air: MP3 Get off the Web

Opening the song, new DK singer Ron “Skip” Greer from the Wyonona Riders (who?) points to members of the crowd individually and says: “It used to be that MTV was the problem in the music industry, but they’re not even in the music industry anymore. There’s a new problem in the music industry, and it’s you, and you, and you, and you.” The blasphemous changes to lyrics try to support this thesis; it’s stingy music fans who ruin music by trading it with one another. It’s hilarious to watch the disappointed front-row fans trying to point their fingers and sing along with the song, only to find it’s lyrics have been replaced by a half-baked rant. He changes the line “This is the future of Rock N’ Roll” to “To this is the future of post-modern appropriated content.” I look forward to this glorious future post-modern content. He also changes “Tin-eared, graph-paper-brained accountants instead of music fans,” to “Tin-eared, graph-paper-brained music fans instead of music industry [something something],” and “But sales are slumping, and no one can say why, could it be they put out too many lousy records?” to “But sales are dropping [Not True], while downloads are still going up, could it be that the R.I.A.A. still hasn’t figured out how to rectify the price that the consumers are will the pay for to listen to music versus what is rectified by the production cost…” at which point he is fortunately interrupted by East Bay Ray. Talk about graph-paper-brained bullshit. Why would a punk band ever want anything to do with the R.I.A.A.?

Behold… the worst song in the world. Don’t watch this if you unless you want your adolescence ruined.

(MP3 Get off the Web starts at 2:55)

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5 Responses to “New Dead Kennedys song: MP3 Get off the Web”

  1. kibitzer said

    fuck you, greer. you call yourself a fucking singer of a punk band and then complain about music sharing? you’re no fucking different from corporate rock. no different from the bands with major labels. you didn’t only defile the memory of DK and punk philosophy, you burned it and threw the ashes at a dumpsite and then pissed on it. get the fuck outta there and form your own pseudo-punk corporate band..

  2. Some Random Bloke said

    What The Fuck?
    I’m lost for words. Perhaps Greer (says it all if this dickhead is the best they could find) hasn’t seen Side B of ‘In God We Trust, Inc’?
    This is absolutely disgusting.

  3. Ryan Rivers said

    It could be sarcasm. I mean, has anyone here even listened to the old Dead Kennedys?

    • Ryan Rivers said

      I mean, Jello Biafra literally wanted to kill the poor, right?

    • lazysupper said

      no. you shouldn’t need to decipher whether something is sarcasm or not. they are actually whining and moaning about music-sharing and BLAMING THEIR FANS who BOUGHT TICKETS to see them play live. Utterly fucking disgusting. If Jello were dead today he’d be rolling over in his grave.

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